Ben & Jerry’s


The new co-branding of Ben and Jerry’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC sparked ideas of a playful war between hot and cold for us. We set out to create an internet campaign that captured this imagery and feeling.
Mission Objectives

Create a consumption habit of ordering Ben & Jerry’s with an Amrest menu using online food delivery platforms.

Show users of the biggest food delivery platforms in Czech Republic that they can also order ice cream and assure them it will arrive in perfect condition.

of delivery

Delicious moment of consumption

Multiple brand

We deemed it essential to emphasise these three factors when crafting this campaign. All would be given ample consideration within our campaign. All advertising needed to work with multiple brands, show that it was possible to deliver the food hot with still frozen ice-cream, and of course display a delicious and tasty moment of consumption.

The challenge

Consistent creative that
works across all 4 brands

The assets we created needed to work with all the brands involved, and across all modern mobile and web-based formats. A battle between hot (Ben & Jerry’s, KFC, Burger King) and cold (Ben & Jerry’s) had us envisioning different sides visually represented by red and blue. Our message was simple- why choose at all? Why not have both!

The concept

The battle of hot and cold

2 target audiences

2 dynamic creative assets

It was essential to us that we highlighted our two main target audiences in our campaign – couples and groups of friends. To this end, the dynamic assets would target the correct group to display a relevant version of the creative.

Co-branding is a fun way to marry multiple brands and bring all their fans under one roof.
Brand partnerships have much potential for opportunites and strategic alliances. The graphics and creatives used must reflect each individual brand’s guidelines, whilst providing a collective seamlessness for the consumer.

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