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craft lab sentien audio photoshoot
Craft Lab Magnum Monika Bagarova behind the scenes billionaire
Craft Lab Midea Christmas behind the scenes


Craft Lab Magnum Monika Bagarova behind the scenes billionaire
craft lab sentien audio photoshoot
Craft Lab Midea Christmas behind the scenes

Whatever the project...

We’re ready to work with you to nail it.


Video content is the medium of choice for grabbing the attention of today’s fast paced, predominantly mobile first consumer. Whether it’s a tv spot, online campaign, music video, or pre-roll ad, our team of filmmakers have the tools, experience and vision to help you achieve your goals.

Social Media

Create a meaningful connection with your audience with content creation that speaks to them.


Using the latest camera and lighting equipment, and photo-editing software, our team have the skills, tools, and experience to handle everything from fully fledged studio product photoshoots, to on site style accompaniment photography.


Copywriting is not just about condensing the purpose of your advertisement into a tagline. It is about understanding your audience, getting into their head to find what excites them, what drives and motivates them. Whether it be a website landing page, a simple call to action, or even your company motto- we are ready to nail your copywriting needs.

No two clients or projects are the same, so we craft our approach to meet every new challenge.

Govee AI Gaming Syncbox  production   concept

production   concept

Experience immersive gaming like never before with Govee’s AI-sync lighting, as seen in our medieval themed ad tailored specifically for gamers.

production    influencer campaign

We created an internet campaign and a music video for the launch of Magnum Gold Billionaire featuring Czech Popstar Monika Bagárová.

magnum gold billionaire  production   influencer campaign


production    concept

Hot versus cold. Check out the campaign we created for the collaboration between four iconic brands.

Sentien Audio

production   photography   concept

Take a look at our secret agent themed campaign for the bone conduction audio headset that made it’s way onto Forbes magazine.

sentien audio  production   photography   concept

Like what you see?

From video production to event coverage and everything in between, we have the skills and the experience to bring your vision from conception to execution. Try us!

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

What they say

“Craft Lab’s creative ideas, intense work ethic, international experience, and can-do attitude is exactly what we needed.”
imrich valach
CEO, Sentien
“They’ve always had a great understanding of the client and the brand with very precise time management and project coordination. We’ve always been very satisfied by their results.”
Giulia Garzotto
Brand Manager, Unilever
“Craft Lab’s international insights and experience have provided us with exactly what we’ve needed while working with Chinese clients.”
Sara Zhao

Managing Director, Ran Films Korea